Wolf Point Bourbon

At the confluence of the North, South, & Main branches of the Chicago River, you will find a historically significant area of the city called “Wolf Point.”

Wolf Point was central to the early development of Chicago, from its humble beginnings as a settlement in the late 18th century to its incorporation as a city in 1837.

It was home to the city’s first tavern, theater, hotel, pharmacy, trans-river bridge, and much more. The true origin of the name “Wolf Point” is unknown, but there are three prevailing theories.

There are thee theories and three different label illustrations for each bourbon blend.

All three theories are represented on each bank of the Chicago River, with Theory 1 as the main focal point of our Single Barrel Release. The Wolf is positioned next to the fire symbolizing “Keepers of the Sacred Fire.” Wild onion is shown sprouting throughout the region.

The label will “rotate” between the theories, with our future Bourbon Blend and Rye highlighting Theory 2 and Theory 3.