Tania & Emmanuel are two creative souls who embark on the lifetime journey. Based on their words, weddings will last a lifetime in their hearts and minds. So they came up with a great idea to have a tequila bottle uniquely tailored to wedding favors that the guest can enjoy.  A small batch tequila created by the groom’s father in the Highlands of Jalisco.  A tequila that will live in your heart for a lifetime.  


Tania & Emmanuel meet during the pandemic, at a small breakfast restaurant. They were both nervous but excited to meet one another. At the end of their first date, they both felt drawn to each other. A few months later he asked her to be his girlfriend. Days pass and turn into weeks, weeks turned to months and months turned to two years. Then he ask her the big question to marry him. She said yes, they both knew that they had found their other half. Now they are taking the next big step in their life by getting married, with the support of their friends & family. This new chapter in their book is just starting and they are both excited to add more chapters.

Wedding website event: Tania & Emmanuel

Label Design: Dusan Sol

Illustration: Petra Sol

CGI Visuals: Janderson Oliveira

Client: Emmanuel Angulo