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  • Diggle’s Artisan Ales

    Diggle’s Artisan Ales

    In 1855, pioneer colonial scientist, artist, and musician, Silvester Diggles arrived at the remote outpost of Brisbane, Australia, and the first thing he did upon his arrival was enjoy a traditionally brewed English ale. Our traditional English ales reflect the historical and pioneering atmosphere of the Brisbane area – when the river was blue, the…

  • Barbra


    restaurant & delicatessen where people can enjoy homemade sandwiches, craft coffee, pastries, and all kinds of baked goods. Space is also social and event-oriented where youngsters are the predominant target audience. The goal was to create a complete brand identity pack with coffee bag labels and custom-made lettering. Illustration of the Barbra is inspired by…

  • Smith’s All Natural

    Smith’s All Natural

    Smith’s All Natural is a full line of skin care, leather care and grooming products all using organic, plant based ingredients.  No toxic chemicals, no animal products, no preservatives.  Just organic cocoa butter, beeswax and pure sweet almond oil.

  • DM Gin

    DM Gin

    Throwback on the amazing project I was working on in 2018 to pay respect to my fathers surname and the ancestors.