Tag: Vintage

  • American Single Malt

    American Single Malt

    Lancaster Craft Spirits is distillery & brewery located in the historic Edward McGovern Tobacco building, built circa 1880.  After years of brewing premium beer they are releasing first American single malt whiskey. Launching Lancaster Craft explore unique synergies and innovative methods. Patience, attention to detail and the finest quality grains and molasses enable us to…

  • Midwest Water

    Midwest Water

    Story: In the early days of Chicago’s rapid expansion, the residents were in dire need of fresh drinking water. Existing water sources were contaminated, and day by day the conditions were getting worse. City officials knew they needed to quickly come up with a viable solution. Engineers concocted an innovative concept – to build water cribs…

  • London Coffee Ex

    London Coffee Ex

    London Coffee Exchange is a Victorian-style craft roaster, dedicated to bringing the world’s finest coffee to your doorstep. We carefully select and roast our beans, ensuring that each cup of coffee is bursting with flavor. Brand vision is a fusion of Europe and Africa cultures, amalgamating the rustic feel of Africa with the classy style…