Jackscrew Vodka

Throughout the 1800s, Chicago’s elevation rested at the shores of Lake Michigan, preventing natural drainage from the city’s surface. Swamp-like living conditions developed and triggered a series of plagues. It came down to one simple, yet powerful mechanical device. Thousands of jackscrews raised the city’s streets and buildings out of the marsh. The Raising of Chicago lasted nearly two decades and is considered one of the boldest architectural and engineering successes of the 19th century.

Custom bottle design & concept – Ideal bottle for pourers should have – a neck to grab onto, a shoulder rest for the wrist and a thick flat base as a counterweight. These features make it easier for bartenders to grip the bottle, flip it over with ease to pour a drink and necessary for the bottle to stand securely on the shelf. Coincidentally, these criteria describe a Jackscrew. Who knew? We took inspiration from the jackscrew to design these elements.

Bottle Concept & CGI Visuals: Amit Chippa