Story: “Run of the mill” is a common English idiomatic expression that refers to something that is ordinary, average and standard base. Said, this exertly distilled vodka is made from the finest British wheat, making it crisp, smooth and velvety – the perfect base to elevate any cocktail.

Small batch vodka is made from local, handpicked wheat grown on organic fields. The Old Mill, with its ancient stone walls, stands proudly amidst the rolling wheat fields, its rustic charm a testament to England’s green and pleasant land. It’s here, in this idyllic setting, that our master craftsmen carefully distill the finest vodka, using time-honored techniques passed down through generations.

Bottle concept: The idea behind this concept design was to seamlessly merge vintage aesthetics with modern functionality that goes hand-in-hand with the retro style labels.

The neck and shoulders are designed to give it a unique profile. The sleek ergonomic shape fits comfortably in hand, while a long tapered neck allows easy manoeuvres for bartenders.

Whether displayed as a decorative piece or utilized for storing Vodka, this Bottle effortlessly blends yesteryear’s charm with the present’s convenience.

Illustrations and Label Design: Dusan Sol

Bottle Design and CGI Visuals: Amit Chippa

Vintage label and packaging design for Run of the Mill distillery. Complete branding done in old world aesthetics.